Alessia Pastore



Providing a meaning to life without being life, and brightening reality while remaining fiction. This knowledge is inescapable, part of our daily life experience, the line between reality and imagination is suddenly weakened, blurred, changing from month to month, week to week, from day to day.
It is increasingly difficult to distinguish and separate the function of the symbol from that of the imaginary.
Inspired by the values mentioned above, I researched which effects could enrich and enhance my personal research and the materials I work with. At the same time, I considered the influence of technological knowledge on artistic concerns and the creation of new paths.

As an artist researching under these currents, I have come to recognize the shared intimacy between the body and new technologies. After a whole series of experiments to merge art and life, I had to consider the ‘treatment’ that our skin receives from the latest technological breakthroughs; far from being secret, they are exhibited every day.
Following this line of reasoning, I tried to make my contribution accessible through the Internet only – this new theater scene, able to host infinite entities. Following the link that yields the code, visitors will be able to view a number of pieces of skin hybrids treated with new technologies and carefully catalogued and coded by me.

Within the space of 24 hours, as an artist I can live different days simultaneously, my body shrinking to fit into each small space. Using the internet, I am here, but I am also in the most remote places, not through a process of transparency but of extension. My skin, as long as it is free from censorships, can stretch without boundaries, it may be here or there.

The code on the skin reveals its continuous hybridization, yielding insights into communities sharing the infinite spaces of the Internet, living different days simultaneously in such a way.

By transferring the smell of skin through the process of technological discovery, I have chosen to make it ubiquitously accessible and shareable through a path of digitization and scanning. This allows us to create a new hybrid texture, insomuch as it preserves traces of the multiple spaces that will host it.

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Second skin, installation - print on forex, 100 x 70 cm, skin fragments, touch screen monitor, variable size