At NESXT Festival | 4 – 6 November | Q35 – Turin

Wunderbar Cultural Projects (Rome) and Peninsula (Berlin) are glad to present a joint project selected for the first edition of Nesxt – Independent Artistic Spaces Festival, that is part of the larger project NESXT, an international network devoted to the non-profit art scene, including associations, artist-run space, and collectives. The Festival, which will be held from November 4 to 6 at Q35, a former industrial space in Turin, aims to trace a first mapping of the Italian independent production, exploring new and experimental practices concerning the research, the production, the displaying, the audience engagement, together with a huge program of live performances, concerts, speeches, visual, Dj-sets, videos, and workshops.

The project proposed by Wunderbar and Peninsula is organized in two sections. An installation section by the artistic collective Molino & Lucidi, who will present 别人正在讚賞您; someone is speaking well of you; qualcuno sta parlando bene di te; quelqu’un est en train de bien parler de toi; jemand spricht gutes über dich proposes a reflection on clichés and the attribution of sense in communication and in the continuous shifts of meaning that are used by modern ways of transmitting messages. Playing with dualities, oppositions, double points of view is an integrating part of the nature and research of those artists that love to push for multiple and contrasting forces. In this case, they shape a cutting reconnaissance on the spread of the written word, reflecting on the indiscriminate use of quotes and aphorisms that tend to lose their own original communicative power after they have been re-iterated and de-personalized.

In the performance, that will be activated in the days of the Festival, the ‘Chinese biscuit’ becomes a metaphor of a conform society, revealing as a product of industrial cards and a mass of objects devoid of any identity, where linguistic and cultural differences between East and West are misplaced.

The other section will be dedicated to a talk and a series of workshops with the project The Other’s language: an active dialogue between visual arts, social and local networks, curated by Wunderbar Edu and Peninsula, in collaboration with Daniela Allocca (Professor of Specialized Translation at the University of Naples, L’Orientale) and Francesco Tarantino (Coordinator of Cooperativa Orso).

Steaming from the work by Molino & Lucidi, the talk and a series of interactive workshops will be focused on the concept of linguistic and cultural translation and the topic identity_diversity in relation to the migrants issue and the new forms of integration and citizenship. The workshops ideated and presented by Aracne Device (Daniela Allocca and Elena Bellantoni, visual artist) will invite people to act in a role play, with the aim of bringing out the social and psychological dynamics of the relationship with each other and to realize a workbook on translation. The activities will be launched with the cooperation of three operators of the cooperative Orso (Francesco Tarantino, Emiliano Trucco, and Fatuma Ceesay) with the participation of some asylum seekers and refugees hosted by Orso program, who will invite the Festival participants to translate the meaning of their native languages ​​through different types of visual representation.


FRIDAY November 4th

7 pm Opening Nest
Exhibition and performance by Molino & Lucidi

SATURDAY November 5th

6 pm – 1 am
Exhibition and performance by Molino & Lucidi

5 pm
Talk La lingua dell’Altro, curated by Wunderbar Edu and Peninsula. Contributors: Daniela Allocca, Francesco Tarantino – Cooperativa Orso, Elena Bellantoni (visual artist, P Wunderbar), Ilaria Biotti (visual artist), Stefania Migliorati (visula artist), Simona Molino and Matteo Lucidi (visual artists)
Moderators: Manuela Contino (project manager, VP Wunderbar) and Eleonora Farina (art critic and curator, VP Peninsula)

Le lingue Altre e la traduzione
Workshop open to the Festival’s audience, curated by Aracne Device in collaboration with Cooperativa Orso

SUNDAY November 6th

12 – 8 pm
Exhibition and performance by Molino & Lucidi

2.30 – 4 pm
Io al posto tuo, tu al posto mio
Relational workshop open to the Festival’s audience, curated by Aracne Device in collaboration with Cooperativa Orso

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