Opening April 8, 2022 6:00 pm
Exhibition from April 9 to 24
Schwedter Str. 232, 10435 Berlin

Artists: Rebecca Agnes, Yvonne Andreini, Ilaria Biotti, Maruska Mazza, Stefania Migliorati.
Curated by Eleonora Farina

Are we certain that the Unsichtbar (/invisible) cannot be seen? That what is hidden in the interstitial spaces of reality is imperceptible to our emotional intelligence and sentient conscience? It is precisely within these interstices of seeing that the work of art is hidden and simultaneously revealed. Amidst the glass and concrete architecture of the Milchhof Pavillon, the exhibition (UN)SICHTBAR is a collective experience that, through the imagery and visions of the five exhibiting artists, raises questions about and calls for reflections upon the most topical issues of our time: gender definitions, capitalist policies, the climate crisis and, the infosphere revolution.

Ilaria Biotti invites us to peruse the Memoirs of an Imaginary Voyage, with the Google Maps screenshot being part of a collection of travel memories that took place on the internet. The glitch that melds person and nature in Biotti’s work, just as technological research is rapidly integrating the human body and the cybernetic body, is the intimate, indissoluble fusion between two (or more) people. With bewildering and sincere sensitivity, this same intimacy can be seen in Maruska Mazza’s triptych Love is Love, a work that tells, even more so in the post-pandemic era, of the closeness and union between bodies and souls that transcends any personal and gender identity. It is in this overcoming of distinctions, in the intersection of multiple social identities, that we find the naked bodies of Yvonne Andreini in Creatures, where the masculine symbol par excellence is transformed into the most intimate expression of being. The social body is also an (in)visible element in Braces by Stefania Migliorati. Her work is an invitation to change, to question the dictates upon which our common life remains based today. It is a powerful infiltration of contents aimed at creating and activating the silent but constant process of consciousness. The words ZUSAMMEN HALTEN WIR DURCH are the common background and link of the exhibition itinerary. They welcome the different imaginaries of (UN)SICHTBAR and combine them intoin a single choral narrative. Rebecca Agnes’ participatory work strongly renders visible that cooperation and solidarity which have always been survival strategies for those who are marginalized. Hanging on together is the only possible and viable way to overcome the crises and challenges of our time.