The Party Exhibition

24 NOVEMBER 2019 at 3 – 8 pm

STUDIO CHÉRIE Hobrechstrasse 65/66 – 12047 Berlin
During the event music by DJs THE UNKNOWNCES

The Party Exhibition is a conceptual costume party, an artistic masked ball with optional “dress code”. The participating artists realize works that can be chosen and worn by the visitors during the party. The guests become the artwork of the exhibition by using the acquired costumes, objects, and accessories.

In its form as an event, the exhibition project draws attention to the human body and its capacity for transformation and diversity.

Concepts such as beauty and visual normalization are questioned through specific breaks in aesthetics. The guests of The Party Exhibition become collectors, models and agitators. Wearing the costumes they create an environment in which there is neither a specific role nor a ready-made performative action. This enables the audience to “show themselves” through art, a metaphorical outing in an aestheticized experimental setup with an uncertain outcome.

The produced works deal with identity, positioning, violence, sexuality, need and fear from a (post)feminist perspective, between irony and political commitment.

Part of the concept of the exhibition is to photograph the participants wearing the artworks during the party so that different constellations of people and costumes become a visual work, a moving and lively collage. The photos will later be used to produce a dedicated catalog by the Turin publishing house Edizioni Inaudite.

Contributions of: Rebecca Agnes, Melo Börner, Barbara Fragogna, Silvia Giambrone, Stefania Migliorati, Nadine Rennert, Ivana Spinelli, Miriam Wuttke + Andrew Pitt.

About DJs The Unknownces
For years the concept has been to give each of their actions a new name. Recognition is thus excluded. So the name becomes simultaneously disguise and camouflage.

Studio Chérie
Peninsula e.V.
Edizioni Inaudite

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