SOLAR LOTTERY / Synthetic Body

Curated by Roberta Coletto

Synthetic Body is the third of six appointments of SOLAR LOTTERY, a series inspired by the randomization processes displayed in the book of the same name written by Philip Dick. Here the role of characters in society is determined by algorithms and a computerized random lottery as a form of control that circumvents pre-determined social privileges. Following this principle for the whole series, the selection of artists from Peninsula has been randomly determined and then, in turn, they invited an external artist themselves.

Walking through the tunnel of an underground, shapes take a different point of view: in We Are Here Katrin Plavčak tells a story about imaginative human shadow frames. Visionary possibilities of the invention are what Plavčak likes to play within her paintings. Using human-inspired silhouettes distorted and intertwined with other elements, she portrays the complex, hallucinated, and the personally-elaborated reality we live in.

Ivana Spinelli’s Two Dumb Bodies are, on the contrary, silent containers. Two books are here displayed half in shadow, partially covered up by synthetic leather – another body – that makes the decoding not wholly possible. Also, the book itself is a dumb box whose voice can be activated as we start reading it. It is strongly related to a conscious decision it’s possible for one to make.
The combined magazine rack is sealed, unusable, as a body that has shut down; which suggests the parallel with the language as a code for which you need to be aware of the rules to make it open, readable, or decodable.

The title Synthetic Body is an extrapolated quote from the Solar Lottery book, and refers to the mindfulness one can bring to the active creation of their embodiment.

23 July – 6 August 2016
Vernissage: Saturday 23 July 2016, 6 PM
Pfalzburgerstraße 67, 10719 Berlin
Opening hours: Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays from 4 PM to 7 PM


4 June 2016
Fiorentino De Martino – Patrick Tabarelli
1 July 2016
Pietro Mele – Bärbel Möllmann and Julia Gerlach
23 July 2016
Ivana Spinelli – Katrin Plavčak
3 September 2016
Fried Rosenstock – Katharina Karrenberg
24 September 2016
Alessia Pastore – Paolo Puddu
15 October 2016
Nico Lippolis – BlueSoup Group