Solar Lottery / Minimax - Invitation

SOLAR LOTTERY / Minimax: the M-Game

Curated by Roberta Coletto

Minimax: the M-Game is the fifth of six appointments of SOLAR LOTTERY, a series inspired by the randomization processes displayed in the book of the same name written by Philip Dick. Here the role of characters in the society is determined by algorithms and a computerized random lottery as a form of control that circumvents pre-determined social privileges. Following this principle for the whole series, the selection of artists from Peninsula has been randomly deter and then, in turn, they invited an external artist themselves.

There is an approach of distributive justice saying that a good justice system requires a framework for the equital distribution of goods within society, thus assuring benefits for disadvantaged people. The theorist behind this idea is John Rawls who fundamentally developed the concept of “original position” in his major essay A Theory of Justice, from which both artists’ works arose.

Paolo Puddu with A Theory of Justice visualized the notion as a balance of elements. A A3-sized paper ream is lies on a scale, epitome of the measuring tool and, in this context, of a political weight a person has within a socially-organized community. The weight of the MIN inevitably influences the other one, and viceversa. The result is a seawaving dance aiming to achieve impartial-oriented parameters leading to some sort of evenness equilibrium.

With native position | 016 Alessia Pastore chose one of the most common Rawls pictures – widely known and spread on the internet – and printed it out with anaglyph: a graphic technique largely used for propaganda during the time of National Socialism in Germany, suggesting the capacity of superpowered sight. Pastore used this technique to soften the historical archive weight of the photograph and thus emphasizing the contemporary position of the work.

Minimax: the M-Game is an explicit quote, extrapolated from the Solar Lottery book, pointing out the metaphor of the need to get more than one element to create a counterbalance.

24 September – 8 October 2016
Vernissage: Saturday 24 September 2016, 6 pm
Pfalzburgerstraße 67, 10719 Berlin
Opening hours: by appointment


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