Peninsula e.V. launches Pbox: 38 precious boxes, each one containing a random selection of 6 editions produced by the artists of the association.

Pbox draws on the heterogeneity of the artistic practices of the 38 members of Peninsula. The containers highlight the variety of forms of expression of the associates through their personal choices in the technique, shape and materials of their work.

In an evening of encounters and fundraising, Peninsula will open its doors for a summer event fostering conviviality and exchange.


a boat

it embarks from Peninsula

and drifts off, creating a flux of relationships

1 aluminum box

21 artists of Peninsula

38 editions of possible encounters

Artists on travel: Rebecca Agnes, Elena Bellantoni, Ilaria Biotti, Cristiano Cesolari, Costantino Ciervo, Marco Dalbosco, Flatform, Claudio Gobbi, Matteo Grassetti, Daniele Jost, Maruska Mazza, Pietro Mele, Stefania Migliorati, Molino & Lucidi, Christian Niccoli, Alessia Pastore, Matteo Peterlini, Marco Poloni, Fried Rosenstock, Ivana Spinelli, Alexandra Wolframm and others…


limited edition


22 x 16 cm each

150 € (it can be ordered at

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