Peninsula @ NESXT Festival

2–16 May 2019 | Torino

MANIFESTO – Iconographies of Independence is an exhibition that aims to engage with the public, combining the traditional setting of art with the everyday context of urban life. The project will utilise billposting in the city’s advertising spaces, creating a metropolitan intervention for a diffuse exhibition. Each poster will have its own conceptual and aesthetic specificity, and will become a shared and dialoguing work. The concept of ‘independence’ will be explored through a series of public actions that will give voice to the diverse range of independent spaces in Turin. These actions will take place on the streets of the city, creating a unique mapping of the city that will serve as a platform for reflection on the concept of independence.

A selection of posters will also be displayed at the Book Fair, further enhancing the city’s unique identity. The project forms part of the Salone’s Off Circuit. Finally, in autumn, at the MACRO in Rome, the posters will be exhibited as part of a dedicated show that will recount the Turin experience.

The works will also be shared on the social channels of NESXT and Mercato Centrale and archived on the website and in a special section.