LANDING PAGES | Andere Wege der photographischen Narration

Flatform, Claudio Gobbi, Sylvia Henrich, Andréas Lang, Søren Lose, Marco Poloni and Noah Stolz, Norbert Wiesneth

Curated by Eleonora Farina, Claudio Gobbi and Norbert Wiesneth

 July 14th – August 27th 2017

Opening: July 13th 2017 | 7 pm

The group exhibition “LANDING PAGES – Andere Wege der photographischen Narration” presents international artists with new conceptual approaches to place and narrative. Most artists shown here start from biographical threads in their search for materials and traces that extend beyond the very experience of place: archive images, texts, films, interviews and objects that generate narrative strands which condense into complex, multi-perspectival assemblages. These, in turn, become individual world images (Individuelle Weltbilder).

“LANDING PAGES” is an ongoing exhibition format that seeks to highlight current approaches to photography. Through seven artistic positions, the exhibition presents the practice of a generation of artists who use the photographic medium to reflect on reality by reformulating narrative, scaling down the subjective gaze of the author as well as questioning the vision and the concept of seriality. These artists, born in the 60s and 70s, distance themselves from the mere depiction of the facts in order to build more complex scenarios. Together with the photographic camera they use a variety of media and sources, such as film and video recordings, texts and found images. In a similar way to screenwriters, they generate processes and construct fictions. These narratives are key moments of their artistic research based on news reports or historical and geographical data, that are interpreted obliquely. In a historical moment in which social responsibility is necessary but actually also inspirational, the artist is faced with the challenge of reframing contemporaneity from a geo-political and socio-anthropological perspective.

The exhibition “LANDING PAGES – Andere Wege der photographischen Narration” is a collaboration between the association Peninsula e.V. (curators Eleonora Farina and Claudio Gobbi) and Projektraum | PhotoWerk Berlin (curator Norbert Wiesneth) and is hosted by the Kommunale Galerie Berlin: Hohenzollerndamm 176, 10713 Berlin.