Maya Veil
Vorspiel / Transmediale & CTM 2018 and Peninsula e.V. present

An exhibition curated by Cristiano Cesolari

Saturday February 03th, 2018, from 5.00 pm to 09.30 pm

Rebecca Agnes
Ilaria Biotti
Cristiano Cesolari
Costantino Ciervo
Marco Dalbosco
Claudio Gobbi
Maruska Mazza
Pietro Mele
Stefania Migliorati
Molino & Lucidi
Matteo Peterlini
Fried Rosenstock
Alexandra Wolframm

“It is Maya, the veil of deception, which blinds the eyes of mortals and makes them behold a world of which they cannot say that it is or that it is not: for it is like a dream; it is like the sunshine on the sand which the traveler from afar takes to be water, or the stray piece of rope he takes for a snake”

– Artur Schopenhauer

We are nowadays in the epoch of illusions. Anybody lives in his own self-made prison made of deceptions. Internet, social networks, and digital media transformed from their original purpose into something else that most currently ignore. Indeed masses believe in them and their content.
This way we built up a reality that translated into something that we perceive as real but it is not, exactly like the Maya Veil works.

Now what we should ask ourselves is: what’s the Maya Veil… Who is controlling everything and why? Of course, the digital media didn’t change through their will but they have been manipulated by other actors, that most do not see or do not want to see. We forgot our legacy, we have been made blind by the digital world and its values rather than porting our ones into it. And it would be a good manner to start being critical of this way of doing.