Peninsula presents:

Quentin Lacombe

Curated by Marco Poloni

Event Horizon, the title of the personal exhibition of French artist Quentin Lacombe at Peninsula, is the term that designates the boundary around a black hole beyond which events cannot propagate, therefore warping the surrounding spacetime.

The exhibition is a spatial expansion of a book of photographs produced by the artist in 2016 and shortlisted at the Aperture Prize at Paris Photo this year. The work is Quentin’s personal attempt to construct a cosmology through photographic means. Under this rather idiosyncratic curved sky, different entities roam along an endless timeline: animals, organic matter, technological artifacts, and architectural objects, all seen alike by Quentin’s non-discriminating gaze, as if they inhabited his universe with the equivalent agency in a flat ontology of sorts. Strangely though, human entities are absent, as if they had retreated inside many bunker-like houses to hide from entropy’s radiation, an emission they themselves had actually set in motion.

The exhibition was made possible thanks to the kind support of écal, University of Art and Design Lausanne.

Opening: Wednesday 14 December 2016, 6 pm – 9 pm
Opening hours: by appointment only

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