on Tuesday, April 28 2015 at 7:00 pm

Italian Embassy in Berlin
Tiergartenstraße 22
10785 Berlin

on Tuesday, April 28 2015 at 7:00 pm


Davide Anni, Anca Benera and Arnold Estefan, Filippo Berta, Márcio Carvalho, Cristian Chironi, Diego Cibelli, Kate Gilmore, Mocellin e Pellegrini, Ulrike Mohr, Lisa Stertz

curated by:

Eleonora Farina and Nico Lippolis

In line with the intention that has from the very beginning distinguished Peninsula – an interdisciplinary platform established by Italian artists, curators, musicians, and designers who have settled in Berlin during the last decade and dedicated to developing a dialogue with Berlin’s artistic and cultural community – the curators of the event deal with the topic of Resilience inviting for Embodied Resilience at the Italian Embassy in Berlin ten artists, both Italian and international. “The project is very important to me,” says the Ambassador of Italy Pietro Benassi, “because it values young artistic creativity and Italian genius, which together with other German and international partners has succeeded in gathering many different personalities and many cultural ideas in an original and dynamic path; and all this in line with the artistic trends of the German capital. For several years the Italian Embassy has opened its doors to infiltrations and artistic provocations, and it intends to continue in such a direction promoting these kinds of projects.”

In its adaptivity to external changes, Resilience reaches its point of maximum expression inside the creative process and the performative practice using the body as a medium of action. Bodies in relation, like those of the American Kate Gilmore and the German Lisa Stertz, come into contact and confront each other, open up to personal and collective challenges, and live in their own essence of shaping, transforming, and re-creating themselves. Bodies, for which food and its production are fully part of social and political power dynamics, of broader balance, of personal stance, of sustainable production, are those of the Italians Filippo Berta and Diego Cibelli. Bodies, once more, adapt to the architecture of a resilient city in constant transformation, as is Berlin; mutations and variations are lived and experienced in first-person, like those of the Italian Cristian Chironi and the German Ulrike Mohr, through essential and continuous movements in space and time in which every visitor is invited to be actively involved. And at last, bodies investigate History, near and remote, personal and global – a history that binds us together as a community and sets us apart with our single identity, circulating within the fluidity of the resilient, such as in the cases of the Italian Davide Anni and the Portuguese Márcio Carvalho, or a history that reclaims today, after the end of the old ideologies, in its perennial modernity, in the cases of the Romanians Anca Benera and Arnold Estefan and the Italians Mocellin e Pellegrini.

The event Embodied Resilience developed by Peninsula takes place in collaboration with and in the premises of the Italian Embassy in Berlin thanks to the support of the Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin, Natulis Group AG, and the media partner Berlin Quarterly.

Special thanks to the following Peninsula members for their essential support to Embodied Resilience:

Alessia Pastore Graphic design

Daniele Jost and Jade Vlietstra Web design and communication

Elena Bari Press officer of Peninsula

Ilaria Biotti and Lea Julie Mugnaini­ Support to press office

­Stefania Migliorati Treasurer of Peninsula

Alexandra Wollframm Attorney of Peninsula

Martina della Valle and Fiorentino De Martino Photograph

Marco Poloni Translation

Christian Niccoli Support for Ulrike Mohr’s “First Night, (Premiere I)”

Antonio Catelani and Loris Cecchini Relationships Italian Embassy in Berlin/Peninsula

and everyone, who preciously helped with his/her time and energy during the set­up days.