lowINVITO _ Solar Lottery #02 Pocket boards

SOLAR LOTTERY/ Pocket boards
curated by Roberta Coletto

Pocket Boards is the second of six appointments of SOLAR LOTTERY, a series inspired by the randomization processes displayed in the book of the same name written by Philip Dick. Here the role of characters in the society is determined by algorithms and a computerized random lottery as a form of control that circumvents pre-determined social privileges. Following this principle for the whole series, the selection of artists from Peninsula has been randomly determined and then, in turn, they invited an external artist themselves.

What do you think about the west? – Interviews from the arab world by Bärbel Möllmann and Julia Gerlach reveals some aspects of the global cultural conflict, stereotypically described as clash between the arab and western world. In both interviews is clearly pointed out the sensitivity that
makes us wide aware of the danger of big assumptions and simplifications such as “(the western) are more open-minded people”.

Near to you by Pietro Mele, on the contrary, is about actual staged war. It’s a poster making known a
NATO exercise called “Destined Glory 2005”, which took place in Sardinia in 2005. This island covers 60% of the total military area of the country. It is about a secret military business: the non-authorised picture was taken from a soldier and published on-line. Mele’s work is a voice on covert actions and consequences of military practice such as cancer, natality of children with genetics defects or the increase of incidence of diabetes.

Pocket boards shows the contrast between two aspects of conflicts: actual facts of staged war and conse- quences behind military activity; and daily voices of a global cultural conflict east-west. Both works are carried out in the same time in history (2004 and 2005) and both use a propaganda medium: such as a poster-like image and journalism-like interview.
Pocket boards is a direct quote from the book Solar Lottery.

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